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What do high cube containers mean?

What do high cube containers mean?

In terms of shape and material (often steel), high cube containers—also referred to as “Hi-Cube” or “HC” containers—are comparable to regular shipping containers, but they are one foot taller. They stand nine feet six inches (2.9 meters) tall as opposed to a conventional container’s eight feet six inches (2.6 meters).


For what purpose is a high cube container used?

When carrying heavy, lightweight items that need more volume than weight capacity, high cube containers are frequently utilized. In the construction sector, they are also widely used as temporary workshops or offices and for on-site storage. High cube containers are perfect for transporting large, lightweight things like toys, clothing, and furniture because of their considerable height, which gives you more freedom when packing and stacking cargo.


Do high-cube containers have an associated cost?

Considerations including the size, age, state, and placement of the container can all affect how much high cube containers cost. 50-foot high cube containers are often priced between $4,000 and $7,000 USD for new ones, and between $1,500 and $4,000 USD for old ones.


What kind of shipping container you choose can also affect the cost. Standard high-cube containers may be less expensive than refrigerated ones, which are fitted with cooling equipment for the transportation of items that are sensitive to temperature.


Just a portion of the overall cost of shipping or using a container is related to the cost of the container itself, so keep that in mind. Transportation, taxes, customs charges, and any repair or modification costs to get the container ready for its intended purpose are all possible extra costs.


Frequently asked questions about high cube containers.

These are a few frequently asked questions concerning high-cube containers:


How big is a high cube container?

A high cube container is the same length and width as a regular shipping container, measuring 40 feet (12.19 meters) or 20 feet (6.06 meters) long and 8 feet (2.44 meters) wide. But it’s one foot taller overall, coming in at nine feet six inches (2.9 meters).


How much weight can you put inside a high cube container?

The weight restriction for a high cube container varies based on the size of the container and the kind of cargo being shipped. Typically, 30,480 kilograms (67,200 lbs) of cargo can be accommodated in a 40-foot high cube container.


Are high-cube containers stackable?

Indeed, much like regular shipping containers, high-cube containers can also be stacked. However, because of their increased height, they could need more equipment and assistance when stacking.


Do high-cube containers have a waterproof seal?

Yes, high cube containers can shield cargo from water damage while in transit because they are made to be waterproof. Prior to usage, it’s crucial to make sure the container is securely sealed and that any possible leaks or damage is taken care of.


For what length of time are high-cube containers functional?

The quality of the container, the usage and maintenance circumstances, and the frequency of use are some of the elements that affect how long a high cube container lasts. If properly maintained and cared for, a high cube container can often last up to 25 years or longer.



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